How to Convert Java Codes to Exe

Rashmi Patidar Feb 02, 2024
How to Convert Java Codes to Exe

Below is a list of a few software that allows anyone to create executable files from java jars.

  • JSmooth .exe wrapper: The JSmooth is a wrapper that creates a jar from the .jar files. It creates machine-specific executables for Java programs or executables. The prerequisite to the application is, one should java 1.4 or higher installed on the machine. If no virtual machine or JVM is installed beforehand over the OS, the wrapper automatically downloads and installs the suitable required version over the OS. Sometimes, it redirects the user to the URL where we can download the user-desired version.

The official URL for the usage details is:

  • JarToExe 1.8: The JarToExe1.8 tool allows users to convert Java jars into windows specific executable files. These files are easy to run over command line argument format or using wizard mode. We can also provide icon and version information to the converted exe file. For instance, there are any failures or issues, generated log files help in debugging and providing assistance in the event. The exe file can install or uninstall the exe file on its own. These files can be encrypted and henceforth protect java applications, and while the course of their execution, no temporary files are generated. The user interface is also friendly to use.

Official documentation URL:

  • Executor: The Executor tool is a reliable, handy tool to convert java generated jars to executables. This tool provides convenient search features that help us browse and locates java jars in the system directory structure. When we do not give any content in the search bar, the tool provides suitable suggestions. The software provides built-in features as key-stroke sounds, calculator, and timer. We can drag and drop the files in the executor tool. The tool gives auto-completion as add-on functionality. To execute an exe file created, we can double-click the exe file.

Official site to download and find documentation

  • Advanced Installer: The Advanced Installer allows users to create platform-dependent Windows MSI formats that are package once and deploy anywhere from our java application. The software permits users in the patching, deployment, development, update process reliably. The tool builds merge modules to share the work done within the team. We can document everything using the GUI functionality, and this provides built-in project notes.

Official site for more details

  • Launch4j: The Launch4j is a java executable wrapper that allows users to create lightweight, platform-dependent executables from java jars. The software generates environment specific file for machines as Windows, Linux, and macOS environments. The application is lightweight and does not consume much memory. The tool provides GUI and CLI mode for operation. It supports the resolution of a classpath at runtime, environment variables, and system properties from a file path. Like other tools, it provides a customized icon feature. It is available at no cost and can often use for commercial purposes.

Official site for deep insights:

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