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I have been working as a Flutter app developer for a year now. Firebase and SQLite have been crucial in the development of my android apps. I have experience with C#, Windows Form Based C#, C, Java, PHP on WampServer, and HTML/CSS on MYSQL, and I have authored articles on their theory and issue solving. I'm a senior in an undergraduate program for a bachelor's degree in Information Technology.

Articles by Muhammad Zeeshan

C# Howtos

  1. High Performance TCP Server in C#
  2. How to Change Cursor in C#
  3. How to Create Scheduled Tasks in C#
  4. How to Implement OCR in a C# Project
  5. How to Hash a String With SHA256 in C#
  6. How to Export Data to an Excel File Using C#
  7. C# Equivalent of SQL Server Data Types
  8. Exact Time Measurement for Performance Testing in C#
  9. How to Override Properties in Subclasses in C#
  10. How to Add an Item to a ListBox in C# and WinForms
  11. How to Get the Current Username in .NET Using C#
  12. How to Overload Assignment Operator in C#
  13. How to Send HTML-Formatted Email Using C#
  14. C# Binary Literals
  15. How to Add Right Click Menu to an Item in C#
  16. How to Extend a Class in C#
  17. Simple State Machine Example in C#
  18. How to Throw a Custom Exception Without the Exception Class in C#
  19. How to Deserialize JSON With C#
  20. How to Read Embedded Resource Text File in C#
  21. How to Find the Greatest Common Divisor Using C#
  22. How to Get the First Object From List<Object> Using LINQ
  23. How to Open a Folder Using Process.Start in C#
  24. How to Create Excel File in C#
  25. How to Convert Decimal to Double in C#
  26. How to Write JSON Into File in C#
  27. How to Write XML Into a File in C#
  28. SQL Connection String in C#
  29. C# Constructors Overloading
  30. How to Convert DataTable to CSV in C#
  31. How to Reset Timer in C#
  32. Tree Data Structure in C#
  33. The extern Keyword in C#
  34. How to Connect to an Access Database in C#
  35. Telnet Library in C#
  36. How to Do Percentage Calculation in C#
  37. How to Read and Write INI Files in C#
  38. The @ Symbol Before a Variable Name in C#
  39. How to Change Label Text in C#
  40. How to Start a Process in C#
  41. How to Convert Int to Byte in C#
  42. How to Convert String to Type in C#
  43. How to Play an Mp3 File in a Windows Form Application in C#
  44. How to Declare an Array of Objects in C#
  45. How to Generate a UUID in C#
  46. How to Convert String Array to String in C#

Java Howtos

  1. How to Set JAVA_HOME Environment Path in Ubuntu
  2. How to Use Custom Serializer With Jackson in Java
  3. How to Implement Concurrent Queue in Java
  4. How to Set Time Zone of a java.util.Date
  5. How to Write an Anonymous Function in Java
  6. How to Declare Enum in Java
  7. How to Override and Overload Static Methods in Java
  8. How to Set Environment Variable to Control
  9. How to Repeat a String in Java
  10. JNDI and Its Uses in Java
  11. How to Create Cron Job in Java
  12. Default Java Keystore Password
  13. Difference Between StringBuilder and StringBuffer in Java
  14. How to Specify Java Version in Maven and Differences Between Compiler Properties & Plugin
  15. How to Use of the flush() Method in Java Streams
  16. How to Fix Java Error java.util.InputMismatchException
  17. How to Resolve Error in the Opening Zip File
  18. How to Resolve Broken Pipe
  19. How to Fix Java Error Invalid Character Found in Method Name. HTTP Method Names Must Be Tokens
  20. How to Solve the Int Cannot Be Dereferenced Error in Java
  21. How to Fix Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException: Org.SpringFramework.Web.Servlet.DispatcherServlet
  22. How to Fix SunCertPathBuilderException: Unable to Find Valid Certification Path to Requested Target Error in Java
  23. How to Fix Java.Net.SocketTimeoutException: Read Timed Out Under Tomcat
  24. How to Fix Exception in Thread Main Java.Lang.ClassNotFoundException in IntelliJ IDEA
  25. How to Fix Java StackOverflowError
  26. How to Fix Exception in Thread Main Java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  27. How to Fix Java.Net.SocketTimeoutException: Connection Timed Out
  28. How to Fix Javac Is Not Recognized as an Internal or External Command, Operable Program or Batch File
  29. How to Fix the Java.Net.SocketException: Connection Reset in Java
  30. Invalid Character Constant in Java
  31. How to Use Regex in the String.contains() Method in Java
  32. How to Calculate Leap Year in Java
  33. How to Print Contents of Text File to Screen in Java
  34. How to Use Recursion to Draw Koch Snowflake in Java
  35. How to Solve Divide by Zero Exception in Java
  36. Class.forName() and Class.forName().newInstance() in Java
  37. How to Format Date in the SimpleDateFormat Class in Java
  38. How to Get HostName in Java
  39. How to Asynchronously Call a Method in Java

C Howtos

  1. Difference Between Unsigned Int and Signed Int in C
  2. For Each Loop in C
  3. Sign Extend a 9-Bit Integer in C
  4. End of File (EOF) in C
  5. Regular Expressions in C