Harshit Jindal

C# Howtos

  1. C# Convert Int to Char
  2. C# Key Value Pair List
  3. C# Macro Definitions in Preprocessor
  4. Split String by String in C#
  5. C# If-Else Short Hand
  6. C# List Index
  7. C# Private Setters
  8. C# Random Bool
  9. Calculate MD5 Hash From a String in C#
  10. C# Capitalize First Letter

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Convert Object to Array in JavaScript
  2. isPrime in JavaScript
  3. JavaScript Remove Element by Id
  4. JavaScript null vs undefined
  5. Write New Line in JavaScript
  6. Get HTML From URL in JavaScript
  7. JavaScript === vs ==
  8. JavaScript Get Current Date Time
  9. Remove CSS Class JavaScript
  10. Remove Event Listener in JavaScript
  11. Remove Last Character From String in JavaScript
  12. Split String Into Array in JavaScript
  13. Convert Character Code to ASCII Code in JavaScript
  14. Initialize JavaScript Date to a Particular Time Zone
  15. JavaScript Create and Save File
  16. JavaScript Preload Image
  17. JavaScript Ternary Conditional Operator
  18. Add Properties to JavaScript Object
  19. JavaScript Stopwatch
  20. JavaScript Append Data to Div
  21. JavaScript String Encryption and Decryption
  22. JavaScript Get URL Parameters
  23. JavaScript Hide/Show Elements
  24. JavaScript Sort HTML Table
  25. JavaScript POST
  26. JavaScript Remove Index From Array
  27. Format a Number as a Currency String in JavaScript
  28. JavaScript DOM Ready
  29. JavaScript Scroll to Top
  30. Submit Form Using JavaScript
  31. Deep Clone an Object in JavaScript
  32. Sum of an Array in JavaScript
  33. Append Elements in an Array in JavaScript
  34. Download a File Using JavaScript
  35. Play Audio Files in JavaScript
  36. Write a Multiline String in JavaScript
  37. Check if a String Contains Substring in JavaScript
  38. Check if a Variable Is Undefined in JavaScript
  39. Format a JavaScript Date
  40. JavaScript Loop Through an Array
  41. Round a Number to 2 Decimal Places in JavaScript
  42. Bubble Sort in JavaScript
  43. Check if a Variable Is Not Null in JavaScript
  44. Declare Global Variables in JavaScript
  45. Enable/Disable Input Button Using JavaScript
  46. Exit JavaScript Function
  47. Exponents in JavaScript
  48. Generate Random Number in a Specified Range in JavaScript
  49. Get Current Year in JavaScript
  50. JavaScript 2D Array
  51. JavaScript Add Commas to Number
  52. Modulo Operator(%) in JavaScript
  53. Nested for Loops JavaScript
  54. Simulate a Struct in JavaScript
  55. Static Variables in JavaScript

Data Structure

  1. Circular Doubly Linked List
  2. Circular Linked List
  3. Doubly Linked List
  4. Linked List Deletion
  5. Linked List Insertion
  6. Linked List Merge Sort
  7. Linked List
  8. Linked List Reversal
  9. Convert Binary Tree to Binary Search Tree
  10. Binary Search Tree Check
  11. Binary Search Tree Inorder Succesor
  12. Binary Tree Traversal
  13. Binary Search Tree
  14. Binary Search Tree Delete
  15. Binary Search Tree Iterative Insert

Java Howtos

  1. Java Binary Search Interactive and Recursive

Python How-To's

  1. Linear Search in Python
  2. Python Bisect - Binary Search
  3. Python Binary Search

C++ Howtos

  1. C++ STL Binary Search


  1. Exponential Search
  2. Fibonacci Search
  3. Binary Search
  4. Interpolation Search
  5. Jump Search
  6. Linear Search
  7. Comb Sort
  8. Tim Sort
  9. Tree Sort
  10. Binary Sort
  11. Bubble Sort Recursive
  12. Bucket Sort
  13. Pancake Sort
  14. Shell Sort
  15. Counting Sort
  16. Heap Sort
  17. Radix Sort
  18. Selection Sort
  19. Insertion Sort
  20. Merge Sort
  21. Quick Sort
  22. Bubble Sort