How to Build A Stopwatch in JavaScript

Harshit Jindal Feb 02, 2024
How to Build A Stopwatch in JavaScript

A stopwatch is used to measure the amount of time between its activation and deactivation. It helps to measure the time taken for a specific activity. We will build our stopwatch using the JavaScript timing methods setTimeout() and clearTimeout() that helps in time-interval-related implementations. The stopwatch has a display and three buttons. The display shows the time and the three buttons to start, stop and reset the stopwatch. This tutorial teaches how to build a stopwatch in JavaScript.

JavaScript Stopwatch


<button id="strt">start</button>
<button id="stp">stop</button>
<button id="rst">reset</button>

In the above code, we use HTML to display the time of the stopwatch and create the three required buttons start, stop and reset.

JavaScript Code

var h1 = document.getElementsByTagName('h1')[0];
var start = document.getElementById('strt');
var stop = document.getElementById('stp');
var reset = document.getElementById('rst');
var sec = 0;
var min = 0;
var hrs = 0;
var t;

function tick() {
  if (sec >= 60) {
    sec = 0;
    if (min >= 60) {
      min = 0;
function add() {
  h1.textContent = (hrs > 9 ? hrs : '0' + hrs) + ':' +
      (min > 9 ? min : '0' + min) + ':' + (sec > 9 ? sec : '0' + sec);
function timer() {
  t = setTimeout(add, 1000);

start.onclick = timer;
stop.onclick = function() {
} reset.onclick = function() {
  h1.textContent = '00:00:00';
  seconds = 0;
  minutes = 0;
  hours = 0;

javascript stopwatch

  • We first select all the HTML elements by using selectors so that we can manipulate them using JavaScript and initialize 3 variables hrs, min, and sec to store the current time. We also declare a variable t to store setTimeout() and clear it by calling clearTimeout().
  • We have attached the timer function to the start button. Whenever we click the start button, the timer() function is called, which in turn calls the add function at an interval of 1 second. The add() function calls the tick() function to increment seconds by 1 and adjust minutes and hours accordingly. It resets the content of the display to display the new time and then recalls itself by again calling the timer() function.
  • We have attached the clearTimeout() to the stop button to stop calling the add function periodically.
  • We have attached a function resetting the time as 00:00:00 and reset the sec, min, and hrs to 0 to reset button.
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