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Java Howtos

  1. Fix the Error: Failed to Create the Java Virtual Machine
  2. Javax.Net.SSL.SSLHandShakeException: Remote Host Closed Connection During Handshake
  3. Java.Lang.VerifyError: Bad Type on Operand Stack
  4. Understanding Runtime Exception in Java
  5. Error Opening Registry Key 'Software JavaSoft Java Runtime Environment.3' in Java
  6. Identifier Expected Error in Java
  7. Java.Lang.OutOfMemoryError: Unable to Create New Native Thread
  8. GC Overhead Limit Exceeded Error in Java
  9. ExceptionInInitializer Error in Java
  10. Understanding java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Error in Java
  11. Delete Files in a Directory Using Java
  12. Create Generic LinkedList in Java
  13. Multiple Action Listeners in Java
  14. Play a Video Using JavaFX
  15. Iterate Through Enum Values in Java
  16. Delete Folders Using Java
  17. Find Factors of a Given Number in Java

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Fix the Error: Failed to Create the Java Virtual Machine

Scala Howto's

  1. Future Sequence in Scala
  2. Write SQL Queries in Scala
  3. Parse JSON Strings in Scala
  4. Sort an Array in Scala
  5. Understanding Options in Scala
  6. Concatenation of Strings in Scala
  7. Compare Strings in Scala
  8. Return Boolean With If-Else in Scala
  9. Working With Regex in Scala
  10. Call by Value vs Call by Name in Scala
  11. Convert Int to String in Scala
  12. The Modulo Operator in Scala
  13. The with Keyword in Scala
  14. Convert List to Map in Scala
  15. Converting String to Integer in Scala
  16. Find Array Size of an Element in Scala
  17. Get the Current Date and Time in Scala
  18. Lifting in Scala
  19. Print Case Classes Like Pretty Printed Tree in Scala
  20. Scala Substring
  21. Understand the Static Members in Scala
  22. Extend Class in Scala
  23. Find Type of Variable in Scala
  24. MapReduce Using Apache Spark
  25. Reassignment to a Val in Scala
  26. Append or Prepend Elements to Sequence in Scala
  27. Mutable List in Scala
  28. Synchronized in Scala
  29. Difference Between :: And ::: In Scala
  30. Lazy Val in Scala
  31. The Forall() Function in Scala
  32. Logging in a Scala Application
  33. Printing Array in Scala
  34. Split a String in Scala
  35. Uses of implicit in Scala
  36. Appending Elements to an Array in Scala
  37. Difference Between ::: And ++ for Concatenating Lists in Scala
  38. Difference Between asInstanceOf and (O:T) in Scala
  39. Difference Between val and var in Scala
  40. Simple Build Tool in Scala
  41. Write Text Into a File in Scala
  42. Reading an Entire File in Scala
  43. The Difference Between Sequence and List in Scala
  44. The yield Keyword in Scala Programming Language
  45. Three Question Marks in Scala
  46. Thread Sleep Method in Scala
  47. Append Elements to List in Scala
  48. Merging Two Maps in Scala and Then Sum the Values With the Same Key

C++ Howtos

  1. Garbage Collection in C++
  2. Virtual Functions in C++
  3. Clear Stringstream in C++
  4. Default Constructor and Default Keyword in C++
  5. Difference Between Structure and Class in C++
  6. Inline Functions in C++
  7. Get the Last Character From a String in C++
  8. Printing Boolean Values in C++
  9. Make a Countdown Timer in C++
  10. The or Operator in C++
  11. The switch Statements in C++
  12. Wrapper Classes in C++
  13. The typename Keyword in C++
  14. Const Reference vs Normal Parameter Passing in C++
  15. Logical XOR in C++
  16. Sorting in C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
  17. The auto Keyword in C++ Used for Type Inference
  18. Calculate Standard Deviation in C++

C Howtos

  1. Excess Elements in Scalar Initializer Warning in C
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