How to Fix Error Opening Registry Key 'Software JavaSoft Java Runtime Environment.3' in Java

Suraj P Feb 02, 2024
  1. Understand the Error
  2. What Causes the Error
  3. How to Resolve the Error
How to Fix Error Opening Registry Key 'Software JavaSoft Java Runtime Environment.3' in Java

In this article, we will see what Error opening registry key 'Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment.3' in Java means and how to resolve it.

Understand the Error

The error message Error opening registry key 'Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment.3' suggests a problem with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) registry key on our computer, i.e., the JRE registry key is missing or inaccessible on our computer.

The registry is a database that stores configuration settings for the operating system and other software. The key mentioned in the error message, Software JavaSoft JRE, is related to the JRE and is used to store information about the version of Java that is currently installed on our computer.

What Causes the Error

Possible causes for this error include:

  1. The key might be missing or corrupted.
  2. Another software may have deleted or modified the key.
  3. There might be permission issues.

How to Resolve the Error

To resolve this issue, we can try the following:

  1. Reinstall Java: Uninstall the current version of Java and then download and install the latest version from the official website.

  2. Repair the registry: Use a registry cleaner tool to scan for and fix any errors in the registry.

  3. Check for conflicting software: Some software may interfere with the Java installation and cause this error.

  4. From the Windows/System32 folder delete all java.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe files. And for 64-bit system do the same under the Windows/SysWOW64 folder.

    Sometimes we might not find these files inside the folders mentioned above then delete them from C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\javapath. Once after deleting Java executables from the above System folders, reinstall the JRE.

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