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I'm a Flutter application developer with 1 year of professional experience in the field. I've created applications for both, android and iOS using AWS and Firebase, as the backend. I've written articles relating to the theoretical and problem-solving aspects of C, C++, and C#. I'm currently enrolled in an undergraduate program for Information Technology.

Articles by Saad Aslam

C# Howtos

  1. How to Export DataTable to Excel in C#
  2. How to Convert an Image to Base64 String in C#
  3. How to Add Days to Date in C#
  4. How to Check Internet Connection in C#
  5. How to Ping an IP in C#
  6. The #if DEBUG in C#
  7. How to Convert Double to Decimal in C#
  8. How to Find Duplicates in a List in C#
  9. How to Remove String From String in C#
  10. The AddRange Function for List in C#
  11. How to Create a Button Click Event in C#
  12. How to Copy Text to Clipboard in C#
  13. How to Convert Image to Byte Array in C#
  14. How to Override a Static Method in C#
  15. How to Use a Bitmask in C#
  16. How to Compress and Decompress a String in C#
  17. How to Parse Command Line Arguments in C#
  18. How to Create a UDP Server in C#
  19. How to Remove HTML Tags From a String in C#
  20. How to Use of the Object Sender in C#
  21. List of Exceptions in C#
  22. How to Create Rock Paper Scissors Game in C#
  23. How to Create SQL Database in C#
  24. How to Write a Backslash in a String in C#
  25. How to Create a SOAP Service in C#
  26. How to Get the Current Method Name in C#
  27. Carriage Return in C#
  28. How to Sort List in Descending Order in C#
  29. How to Inherit From Multiple Classes in C#
  30. How to Initialize a Byte Array in C#
  31. How to Simulate a Key Press in C#
  32. How to Compare Arrays in C#
  33. How to Split a String on Newline in C#
  34. How to Stop a Thread in C#
  35. Graph Library in C#
  36. How to Send Email With Attachment in C#
  37. How to Set Up C# for Development on Linux
  38. How to Set Up C# on Mac OS
  39. How to Format a String as a Telephone Number in C#
  40. How to Initialize Array of Objects in C#
  41. How to Obfuscate Your Code in C#
  42. How to Sort a List by a Field in C#

C++ Howtos

  1. Associative Arrays in C++
  2. Recursive Lambda Function in C++
  3. How to Find Square Root Using Babylonian Method in C++
  4. How to Find Memory Leaks in C++
  5. How to Deallocate a 2D Array in C++
  6. How to Get Class Name in C++

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Sort an ES6 Map in JavaScript