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Python How-To's

  1. Create Custom Exceptions in Python
  2. Metaclasses in Python
  3. Create a Countdown Timer in Python
  4. Private Methods in Python
  5. Convert Unicode Characters to ASCII String in Python
  6. Sort a List in Descending Order in Python
  7. Use Euler's Number in Python
  8. Find the Index of an Element in a List in Python
  9. Get the Current Date in Python
  10. Split a String by WhiteSpace in Python
  11. Append a List to Another List in Python
  12. Clear a List in Python
  13. Generate a Random Prime Number in Python
  14. Initialize an Empty List in Python
  15. Parse a YAML File in Python
  16. Append to Front of a List in Python
  17. Get Absolute Path in Python
  18. Clear Console in Python
  19. Get Function Name in Python
  20. Convert CSV Into Dictionary in Python
  21. Convert Two Lists Into Dictionary in Python
  22. Pretty Print a Dictionary in Python
  23. Write Dictionary Into CSV in Python
  24. Calling a Function From String Name in Python
  25. Python Tuple Comparison
  26. Convert Hex String to Int in Python
  27. Append to a Tuple in Python
  28. Convert Byte to Hex in Python
  29. Convert Epoch to Datetime in Python
  30. Convert Hex to Byte in Python
  31. Get File Extension in Python
  32. Subtract Datetime in Python
  33. Find Maximum Value in a List in Python
  34. Perform List Subtraction in Python
  35. Do Exponents in Python
  36. Reverse a List in Python
  37. Reverse a Dictionary in Python
  38. Check if a Value Is in a Dictionary in Python
  39. Copy a Dictionary in Python
  40. Change Working Directory in Python
  41. Randomly Select Item From a List in Python
  42. List the Alphabet in Python
  43. Python Print Colored Text
  44. Find Duplicates in a List in Python
  45. Replace Multiple Characters in a String in Python
  46. Wait for Input in Python

MySQL Howtos

  1. Drop All Tables in MySQL
  2. Insert a Row if Not Exists in MySQL
  3. Store Arrays in MySQL
  4. SELECT From Multiple Tables in MySQL
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