Olorunfemi Akinlua

Linux Howtos

  1. Count Files in Directory in Bash
  2. Count Unique Lines in a File in Linux
  3. Create a Progress Bar in Bash
  4. Get Yesterday's Date in Linux
  5. Pattern Matching in Bash
  6. Remove Duplicate Lines in Bash
  7. Remove First Character From String in Bash
  8. Return an Array in Bash
  9. Check if Input Argument Exists in Bash
  10. Solve Make Command Not Found on Cygwin
  11. Solve Nodemon Command Not Found
  12. Solve R Command Not Found on Bash (Or Cygwin)

Python Pandas Howtos

  1. Explode Multiple Columns in Pandas
  2. Add Column With a Constant Value in Pandas
  3. Alternative to the TimeGrouper Function in Pandas
  4. Calculate the Rolling Standard Deviation in Pandas
  5. Check if a Cell Is Empty in Pandas
  6. Matrix Multiplication in Pandas
  7. Multiply Columns by a Scalar in Pandas
  8. Read Specific Rows From CSV in Pandas

Python How-To's

  1. Change File Permissions in Python
  2. Check if Element Exists Using Selenium Python
  3. Create Defaultdict of Defaultdict in Python
  4. Get All Keys in Redis Database With Python
  5. Install Egg File in Python
  6. Parse ISO 8601 Date in Python
  7. Use Await in a Python Lambda
  8. Use Circular List in Python
  9. Create SFTP Functionality in Python
  10. Create N-Grams From Text in Python
  11. Retry a Loop in Python
  12. Set Up SFTP Server on Windows
  13. Switch Between Python 2 and 3
  14. Set HTTP Proxy Settings in Python
  15. Use Python Decorators to Retry Code Blocks
  16. Create Getter and Setter in Python
  17. Fatal Python Error: PyThreadState_Get: No Current Thread
  18. Manage Segmentation Fault in Python
  19. TypeError: Must Be Real Number, Not STR
  20. Validate Email Address in Python
  21. Solve AttributeError: 'list' Object Attribute 'append' Is Read-Only
  22. Solve Configure: Error: No Acceptable C Compiler Found in $PATH
  23. Solve IndexError: Arrays Used as Indices Must Be of Integer (Or Boolean) Type
  24. Solve ModuleNotFoundError in Python
  25. Solve Urllib HTTP Error 403 Forbidden Message in Python
  26. Solve Attempted Relative Import With No Known Parent Package in Python
  27. Solve Raise JSONDecodeError(Expecting Value, S, err.value) From None in Python
  28. Solve Reduce Is Not Defined in Python
  29. Solve the Graphviz Executables Are Not Found Error in Python
  30. Solve ValueError: Too Many Values to Unpack (Expected 2) in Python Dictionaries

PHP Howtos

  1. Find the PHP Ini File
  2. Parse RSS and Atom Feeds With PHP
  3. Convert CSV File to Array in PHP
  4. Log Errors in PHP
  5. Upload Multiple Images in PHP
  6. Use jQuery in PHP
  7. Obtain and Read Data in PHP
  8. Password Hashing in PHP
  9. Setting Up a PHP Interpreter
  10. Use PHP With Visual Studio Code
  11. Parse HTML in PHP
  12. this and self in PHP
  13. Run PHP File From Command Line
  14. Calculate Average of Numbers in PHP
  15. Echo Tab in PHP
  16. Include Absolute and Relative Paths in PHP
  17. Require_once vs Include in PHP
  18. Working With DatePicker in PHP
  19. Add Array to Array in PHP
  20. Break Out of the Foreach Loop in PHP
  21. Compare Two Arrays in PHP
  22. Convert a Number to Month Name in PHP
  23. cURL GET Request Using PHP
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