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C++ Howtos

  1. Find the Longest Common Substring in C++
  2. Copy Constructor of Linked List in C++
  3. Custom Exception in C++
  4. Overload the == Operator in C++
  5. Sort Linked List in C++
  6. C++ Escape Characters
  7. C++ Getters and Setters
  8. C++ Inheriting Constructors
  9. Fix the Undefined Reference to Main Error in C++
  10. Functors in C++
  11. Handle Arguments Using getopt in C++
  12. Initialize 2D Vectors in C++
  13. Pragma Once in C++
  14. The new Keyword and No Match for Operator Error in C++
  15. Comparison of String and Character in C++
  16. Add Timed Delay in C++
  17. Const Member Function in C++
  18. Double Free or Corruption Error in C++
  19. Fix the Multiple Definitions of a Function Error in C++
  20. Character Input in While Loop Using C++
  21. Detect Keypress in Windows Using C++
  22. Multiple Code Files in C++
  23. Operator Precedence and Associativity in C++
  24. Recursive Fibonacci in C++
  25. Class Template Inheritance in C++
  26. Cotangent Function in C++
  27. Difference Between DWORD and Unsigned Int in C++
  28. Reflection in C++
  29. Serial Port Connection in C++
  30. Compile and Run C++ 11 Codes in Dev C++
  31. Compile C++ Codes in macOS
  32. Dereference Pointers in C++
  33. Undefined Reference to Class::Function() in C++
  34. Reference Operator in C++
  35. Use the this Pointer in C++
  36. Understand the Extern Keyword in C++

MySQL Howtos

  1. Select Multiple Values Using WHERE in MySQL

C# Howtos

  1. Set Up Client-Server Communication in C#
  2. Group by Multiple Columns in LINQ Queries Using C#
  3. Remove Illegal Characters in Filename in C#
  4. Select Query for Database in C#

Linux Howtos

  1. Check if String Contains a Substring in Bash
  2. Multiple if Conditions in Bash Script
  3. Ternary Operator in Bash Script
  4. Check Exit Code in Bash
  5. Read From a File or User Input in Bash
  6. Echo Tab Characters in Bash Script
  7. Exit From Bash Script
  8. Get IP Address in CentOS
  9. The eval Command in Bash Script
  10. Fix the Mkvirtualenv Command Not Found Error in Bash
  11. Syntax Error Near Unexpected Token in Bash
  12. Check Kernel Version in Linux
  13. Get IPv4 Address on Unix and Linux
  14. Open a File at Specific Line Number Using Vi and Vim Editors
  15. Implement the for Loop in Bash
  16. Remove File Extension Using Bash

C Howtos

  1. Print Binary of Number in C
  2. Try Catch in C
  3. Bitwise Operations in C
  4. Create Formatted Strings in C
  5. Format Specifiers in C

Python How-To's

  1. Detect and Remove Outliers in Python
  2. Implement Polynomial Regression in Python
  3. Get Function Signature
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