Articles by Nithin Krishnan

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Append HTML Content to the Existing HTML Element Using JavaScript
  2. How to Get Last Character of a String in JavaScript
  3. How to Get Name of Month in JavaScript
  4. How to Check if Array Contains Value in JavaScript
  5. How to Convert ASCII to Hexadecimal in JavaScript
  6. How to Convert Bytes to Gigabytes Using JavaScript
  7. How to Set Style of an HTML Form Element in JavaScript
  8. How to Call Multiple JavaScript Functions in Onclick Event
  9. How to Convert a Number to Binary Format in JavaScript
  10. How to Set Focus of an HTML Form Element in JavaScript
  11. How to Change CSS Property Using JavaScript
  12. How to Convert a String Into a Date in JavaScript
  13. How to Create A Countdown Timer in JavaScript
  14. How to Redirect to a Webpage in JavaScript
  15. How to Change the Text of a Div Using JavaScript
  16. How to Implement Arraylist in JavaScript
  17. How to Call a JavaScript Function Using onclick Event
  18. How to Implement an onload Event in iframe in JavaScript
  19. How to Get Element Based on the Class Name in JavaScript
  20. How to Switch Multiple Cases in Javascript
  21. How to Convert Object to String in JavaScript
  22. How to Make a Div Clickable Using JavaScript
  23. How to Convert JavaScript Object to JSON
  24. How to Get Type of a Variable in JavaScript
  25. How to Create a Simple Click Counter Using JavaScript
  26. How to Convert a Float Number to Int in JavaScript
  27. How to Insert Variable Into String in JavaScript
  28. How to Convert a String Into a Number in JavaScript
  29. How to Use Array of JSON Objects in JavaScript
  30. How to Get File Name Extensions in JavaScript
  31. How to Get Key of a JavaScript Object

HTML Howtos

  1. How to Redirect to a Webpage in HTML