Syed Hassan Sabeeh Kazmi

PHP Howtos

  1. Return User Quota With PHP in Linux
  2. Perform Static Code Analysis in PHP

C++ Howtos

  1. Call C# Code From C++
  2. Convert C++ to ARM Assembly
  3. Build a Parse Tree in C++
  4. Implement Iterator for a Doubly Linked List in C++
  5. Test the Ray-Triangle Intersection in C++
  6. Update Text Using TextOut() in C++
  7. Enhance Effectiveness of windows.h in C++
  8. Implement Static Polymorphism in C++
  9. Handle Access Violation in C++
  10. Print Data in Binary Tree Level by Level in C++
  11. Read and Write Bits to a File in C++
  12. Check if Linked List Is Empty in C++
  13. Find the First Repeating Character in a String in C++
  14. Redefinition of Default Parameter in C++

MongoDB Howtos

  1. Use MongoDB as File Storage in PHP

C# Howtos

  1. Get Domain Name in C#
  2. Get Current Year in C#
  3. Open a PDF File in C#
  4. Play a Sound in C#
  5. Seed a Random Class in C#
  6. Create the Auto Property in C#
  7. Create the Serializable Attribute in C#
  8. Define the Type Alias in C#
  9. Group the Radio Buttons in C#
  10. Login to Website in C#
  11. Open a Form Using a Button in C#
  12. Count the List Elements in C#
  13. Initialize a List With Values in C#
  14. Reverse an Array in C#
  15. Sort a Dictionary by Its Keys in C#
  16. User Authentication Against Active Directory in C#
  17. Create a Progress Bar in C#
  18. Filter a DataTable in C#
  19. Get the Value of ListBox Selected Item in C#
  20. Format a String With Fixed Spaces in C#
  21. Add Placeholder to a Textbox in C#
  22. Get Selected Value of a ComboBox in C#
  23. Types of Exceptions Thrown for Invalid Arguments or Parameters in C#
  24. Convert Dictionary to List Collection in C#
  25. Equivalent of SQL Bigint in C#
  26. Check Prime Number in C#
  27. Create Map and Reduce Functions in C#
  28. Create StringStream in C#
  29. Make a CURL Call in C#
  30. Include a Class Into Another Class in C#
  31. Capture Desktop and Active Window Screenshot in C#
  32. Get Computer Name in C#
  33. Query User Information From Active Directory in C#
  34. Comment a Block of Text in C#
  35. Open Folder Dialog in C#
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