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Kotlin Howtos

  1. Add Items to Mutable and Immutable ArrayList in Kotlin
  2. Check Kotlin Variable Type
  3. Different Ways to Convert String to Int in Kotlin
  4. Kotlin Private Constructor
  5. Create Lists in Kotlin
  6. Implement the Builder Pattern in Kotlin
  7. Kotlin runBlocking: Bridging the Non-Coroutine World With Coroutine Code
  8. Use of findViewById Function in Kotlin
  9. Use of Stack Data Structure in Kotlin
  10. Difference Between Kotlin Init and Constructors
  11. Filter a List in Kotlin
  12. Get SimpleName in Kotlin
  13. Kotlin Print to Console in Android Studio
  14. The Difference Between Operators is and as in Kotlin
  15. Use of Inline Functions in Kotlin
  16. Differences Between val and var in Kotlin
  17. Create and Use Static Variables in Kotlin
  18. Equivalent of Java Static Functions in Kotlin
  19. Handle Exceptions in Kotlin
  20. Implement Null Check in Kotlin
  21. Use the Elvis Operator in Kotlin
  22. Everything About Kotlin Generics
  23. Get the Current Index of a forEach Loop in Kotlin
  24. Use Kotlin Sleep Function to Suspend a Thread's Execution
  25. Use of Scoping Functions in Kotlin
  26. Use of the Secondary Constructors in Kotlin
  27. Add Items to a List in Kotlin
  28. Convert a Java File Code to Kotlin
  29. Difference Between !! And ? Operators in Kotlin
  30. Equivalent of Java String[] in Kotlin
  31. Use forEach in Kotlin
  32. Difference Between Open and Public Keywords in Kotlin
  33. Initialize Properties Using by Lazy and Lateinit in Kotlin
  34. Suspend Function in Kotlin
  35. Use the by Keyword in Kotlin
  36. Equivalent of getClass() for KClass
  37. Getters and Setters in Kotlin
  38. Swift if Let Statement Equivalent in Kotlin
  39. Convert a Kotlin Source File to a Java File
  40. Initialize Array in Kotlin With Values
  41. Kotlin Data Class Inheritance: Extend a Data Class
  42. Implement a Switch Case Statement in Kotlin

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Override a Function in JavaScript
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