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Hello, I am Bilal, a research enthusiast who tends to break and make code from scratch. I dwell deep into the latest issues faced by the developer community and provide answers and different solutions. Apart from that, I am just another normal developer with a laptop, a mug of coffee, some biscuits and a thick spectacle!

Articles by Bilal Shahid

MongoDB Howtos

  1. How to Connect MongoDB With PowerShell
  2. Difference Between ObjectId and $Oid in MongoDB
  3. How to Check if MongoDB Is Installed on Windows
  4. How to Use an ORM in MongoDB
  5. Locking in MongoDB
  6. How to Build a MongoDB REST API
  7. How to Convert a String to Date in MongoDB
  8. How to Import CSV Files in MongoDB
  9. How to Shutdown/Stop MongoDB

VBA Howtos

  1. How to Convert Text to Number in Microsoft Excel VBA
  2. How to Unsort Sorted Data in Microsoft Excel VBA
  3. How to Parse XML in Microsoft Excel VBA
  4. How to Use for Each on an Array Using VBA
  5. How to Check if a Cell Is Empty in Microsoft Excel VBA
  6. How to Convert Integer to String Data Type in Microsoft Excel VBA
  7. How to Create a Progress Bar in Excel VBA
  8. How to Import CSV Into Access using VBA
  9. How to Loop Through Files in a Folder Using VBA
  10. How to Save as in Microsoft Excel VBA
  11. How to Use Regular Expressions in Excel VBA
  12. MsgBox in Microsoft Excel VBA
  13. On Error Statement in Microsoft Excel VBA
  14. Project Password in Microsoft Excel VBA
  15. How to Clear the Immediate Window Using VBA
  16. How to Parse JSON With VBA
  17. How to Read a Text File Line by Line in VBA
  18. How to Reference Another Sheet in VLookup Using VBA
  19. How to Convert a Column Number to Letter in Excel Using VBA
  20. How to Copy and Paste Values in VBA
  21. How to Create an Array From a Specific Range in Excel Using VBA
  22. How to Open a Workbook by Specifying Its Path in Microsoft Excel Using VBA
  23. Introduction to Comparison Operators in VBA

SQLite Howtos

  1. How to Declare and Use Variables in SQLite
  2. How to INSERT a New Record or UPDATE One if It Already Exists in SQLite
  3. How to Open a Database File From SQLite
  4. SQLite Data Types
  5. SQLite Describe a Table
  6. Encryption and Password Protection in SQLite
  7. How to Use JSON Data in SQLite
  8. How to Use SQLite Electron Module
  9. Regex Operator in SQLite
  10. How to Create and Use Temporary Tables in SQLite
  11. How to Prevent Duplication in SQLite

PostgreSQL Howtos

  1. PostgreSQL Default Port
  2. Best Postgres Clients Available for Windows Users
  3. How to Create a Read Only User in PostgreSQL
  4. How to Drop Not Null Constraint in PostgreSQL
  5. How to Install and Start PostgreSQL Server on Mac
  6. How to Install and Troubleshoot the ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL
  7. How to Log All PostgreSQL Queries
  8. How to PostgreSQL - Check Date and Time Relative to Today
  9. How to PostgreSQL Database Encryption
  10. Introduction to Views in PostgreSQL
  11. How to Add PostgreSQL Database as a Maven Dependency
  12. How to Convert From Unix Epoch to the Date in PostgreSQL
  13. How to Insert Current Timestamp in PostgreSQL
  14. PostgreSQL Port 5432
  15. How to Convert Timezone in PostgreSQL Server
  16. How to Run PostgreSQL in Memory Only
  17. How to Select From Dual in PostgreSQL
  18. How to Transpose Columns to Rows in PostgreSQL
  19. Alternatives to DATEADD() in PostgreSQL
  20. How to Grant Privileges to the User in PostgreSQL
  21. How to Install PSQL Without Installing Full PostgreSQL
  22. How to Unnest in PostgreSQL
  23. How to Upgrade the PostgreSQL Server Version Without Losing Any Data
  24. The DISTINCT Clause in PostgreSQL
  25. The initdb Command in PostgreSQL
  26. Varchar vs Text in PostgreSQL
  27. How to Check if PostgreSQL Is Installed on Linux
  28. Database Cluster in PostgreSQL
  29. How to Delete All Table Rows in PostgreSQL
  30. How to Find and Delete Duplicate Records in a Database in PostgreSQL
  31. How to Get Array Length in PostgreSQL
  32. How to Limit Rows in PostgreSQL
  33. How to Order by Clause in PostgreSQL
  34. How to Use UTC Current Time as Default in PostgreSQL
  35. How to Start PostgreSQL Server on Windows
  36. How to Write Case-Insensitive Queries in PostgreSQL
  37. How to Configure PostgreSQL in Linux
  38. How to Create Role or User if It Does Not Exist in PostgreSQL
  39. How to Comment Characters in PostgreSQL
  40. How to Select Random Rows in PostgreSQL
  41. NEXTVAL Function in PostgreSQL
  42. How to Create a Pivot Table in PostgreSQL
  43. How to Rename a Table Inside a Schema in PostgreSQL
  44. How to Run PostgreSQL Queries in PSQL
  45. How to Save PL/pgSQL Output From PostgreSQL to CSV
  46. How to Terminate a PostgreSQL Connection
  47. How to Exit From the Command Line Utility in PostgreSQL
  48. How to Round an Average to 2 Decimal Places in PostgreSQL
  49. How to Compare Dates in Datetime Fields in PostgreSQL
  50. How to Drop Database Through PSQL in PostgreSQL
  51. How to Subtract a Day From a Timestamp Date in PostgreSQL
  52. How to Use NOT IN With Subquery in PostgreSQL
  53. Differences Between the IN and ANY Operators in PostgreSQL
  54. Foreign Key ON DELETE CASCADE in PostgreSQL
  55. How to Insert on Duplicate Update in PostgreSQL
  56. How to List All Tables in PostgreSQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA Table
  57. How to Remotely Connect to Another Instance Using PSQL
  58. Default Username/Password for PostgreSQL Server in Rails 4
  59. How to Add a Unique Constraint After Creating a Table in PostgreSQL
  60. How to Extract Day of Week From Date Field in PostgreSQL
  61. How to Kill a Process ID in PostgreSQL
  62. How to SELECT if String Contains a Substring Match in PostgreSQL
  63. How to Concatenate Columns in PostgreSQL Using Select
  64. How to Upsert (Insert on Duplicate Update, Merge) in PostgreSQL With EXCLUDE Values
  65. How to Upsert (Merge, Insert on Duplicate Update) in PostgreSQL
  66. Auto Increment Values in PostgreSQL
  67. Foreign Key Syntax in PostgreSQL
  68. How to Single Query to Rename and Change Column Type in PostgreSQL
  69. How to Create Table if It Does Not Exist in PostgreSQL

C# Howtos

  1. URL Encoding in C#
  2. Interface vs Abstract Classes in C#
  3. How to Obtain a Distinct List Based on One or More Properties in C#
  4. Callback in C#
  5. How to Draw Circles in C#
  6. How to Post JSON to a Server in C#
  7. How to Check for the Existence of a Dictionary Key in C#
  8. How to Implement a Read-Only Property in C#
  9. How to Toggle a Boolean Variable in C#
  10. How to Swap Variable Values Without the Use of Temporary Variable in C#
  11. How to Convert a Dictionary to JSON String in C#
  12. How to Implement a Property in an Interface in C#
  13. Method Group in C#
  14. How to Convert String to Double in C#