Shikha Chaudhary

Python How-To's

  1. Convert Roman Numerals to Integers in Python
  2. Fix NLTK Stemming Anomalies in Python
  3. Solve the TypeError: Nonetype Object Is Not Subscriptable in Python
  4. Solve the TypeError: Not All Arguments Converted During String Formatting in Python
  5. Take Screenshots Using Python
  6. Extend a Class in Python
  7. Pass a List to a Function in Python
  8. Take Input of Unspecified Length in Python
  9. Global Variables and How to Change From a Function in Python
  10. Class Decorator in Python
  11. Convert Python Object to Iterator
  12. Handle the Python Assertion Error and Find the Source of Error
  13. Check if a Python Object Has Attributes
  14. Insertion Sort Algorithm in Python
  15. Read CSV Line by Line in Python

C++ Howtos

  1. Calculate Exponent Without Using pow() Function in C++
  2. Solved: Expression Must Have Class Type Error in C++
  3. Function Returns the Address of a Local Variable Error in C++
  4. Declaration and Uses of unique_ptr in C++
  5. The const Keyword in Function Declaration of Classes in C++
  6. Difference Between Const Int and Int Const in C++
  7. Difference Between .cc and .cpp File Extensions in C++
  8. Maximum and Minimum Value From a Vector in C++
  9. Check if an Array Contains an Element in C++
  10. Arrow Operator vs. Dot Operator in C++

Java Howtos

  1. Check if String Is Palindrome in Java
  2. Class Field and Instance Field in Java
  3. Anonymous Inner Class in Java
  4. Check if String Contains Numbers in Java
  5. Operator Overloading in Java
  6. Calendar Date in YYYY-MM-DD Format in Java
  7. Fix Java Scanner NextLine Skips
  8. The pack() Method in Java
  9. File Path in Java
  10. Difference Between .java and .class