Articles by Siddharth Swami

Java Howtos

  1. Multiple Classes in One File in Java
  2. The Push() Function in Java
  3. How to Calculate Length of Integer in Java
  4. How to Calculate Average in Java
  5. Long.MAX_VALUE in Java
  6. super in Java
  7. How to Read JSON File in Java
  8. How to Shuffle Array in Java
  9. How to Validate Email in Java
  10. How to Parse JSON in Java
  11. Or Statement in Java: Your Guide to the Logical OR Operator
  12. Struct in Java
  13. How to Convert Byte Array to Integer in Java
  14. How to Get the Current Year in Java
  15. Difference Between & and && in Java
  16. How to Create A Generic Array in Java
  17. How to Wait for Input in Java

Python How-To's

  1. How to POST JSON Data With requests in Python
  2. Package vs Module in Python
  3. How to Set File Path in Python
  4. How to Download a File in Python
  5. How to Remove First Element From a List in Python

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Load CSV to Array in JavaScript
  2. How to Load JSON File in JavaScript
  3. How to Convert UTC to Local Time in JavaScript
  4. How to Display Image With JavaScript
  5. The goto Statement in JavaScript
  6. How to Convert JSON to Object in JavaScript

Python Tkinter Howtos

  1. How to Change Tkinter Window Title