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Lakshay Kapoor is a final year B.Tech Computer Science student at Amity University Noida. He is familiar with programming languages and their real-world applications (Python/R/C++). Deeply interested in the area of Data Sciences and Machine Learning.

Articles by Lakshay Kapoor

Python How-To's

  1. Timer Functions in Python
  2. How to Calculate Variance in Python
  3. Multiline F-String in Python
  4. How to Make a Pascal's Triangle in Python
  5. Assignment Operators in Python
  6. How to Use the wget Command in Python
  7. How to Execute a Command on Each File in a Folder in Python
  8. How to Count the Number of Files in a Directory in Python
  9. How to Do Exponential and Logarithmic Curve Fitting in Python
  10. How to Import a Variable From Another File in Python
  11. Raw String in Python
  12. How to Get a Negation of a Boolean in Python
  13. How to Read a File Without Newlines in Python
  14. How to Calculate the Inverse Tangent in Python
  15. How to Get the Monitor Resolution in Python
  16. How to Calculate the Standard Deviation of a List in Python
  17. How to Extract Images From PDF Files Using Python
  18. Nested List Comprehension in Python
  19. How to Completely Uninstall Python From Windows
  20. How to Determine the Size of an Object in Python
  21. How to Pass by Reference in Python
  22. How to Plot an ROC Curve in Python
  23. How to Print Lists in Python
  24. How to Calculate the Time Difference Between Two Time Strings in Python
  25. How to Get the Difference Between Two Lists in Python
  26. How to Overload Function in Python
  27. How to Zip Lists in Python
  28. Shebang in Python
  29. The Callback Function in Python
  30. How to Format Number With Commas in Python
  31. How to Print Unicode Characters in Python
  32. How to Read CSV to Array in Python
  33. How to Update a Python Package
  34. Python End of File
  35. Static Class Variables in Python
  36. How to Uninstall Python on macOS
  37. Python while Loop With Multiple Conditions
  38. How to Move Files From One Directory to Another Using Python
  39. How to Redirect Print Output to a File in Python
  40. How to Convert String to Boolean in Python
  41. How to Count Syllables in Python
  42. How to Get Weighted Random Choice Using Python

Python Scipy Functions

  1. SciPy stats.beta Function
  2. SciPy stats.kurtosis Function
  3. SciPy stats.mean Function
  4. SciPy stats.normaltest Fucntion
  5. SciPy stats.sem Function
  6. SciPy stats.skew Function
  7. SciPy stats.zscore Function
  8. SciPy Cluster Hierarchy Dendrogram Function