Naila Saad Siddiqui

C# Howtos

  1. Simulate Mouse Click Events in C#
  2. C# Await Multiple Tasks
  3. Save File Dialog in C#
  4. Read a CSV File Into a DataTable in C#
  5. Lambda Expression in LINQ Statements in C#
  6. Evaluate C# Expressions Dynamically
  7. Add Items to ListView in C#
  8. Wait for Event in C#
  9. Read PDF File in C#
  10. Get Mouse Position Using C#

Linux Howtos

  1. Execute Commands in a Variable in Bash Script
  2. Get the Primary IP Address in Linux
  3. Floating Point Arithmetic in Bash
  4. Get Current Date and Time in Bash
  5. Bash Script to Add New Users in Linux
  6. Change Drive in Git Bash
  7. Pass an Array to a Function in Bash
  8. Continue on the Next Line in Bash
  9. Fork in Bash
  10. Recursively Find Files in Bash
  11. Variable Interpolation in Bash Script
  12. Check Syntax in Bash
  13. Redirect Bash Output to a File

CSS Howtos

  1. Resize an Image While Keeping the Aspect Ratio Using CSS
  2. Change the Color of SVG Element in HTML Using CSS
  3. Gradient Background in CSS
  4. Center the Navbar Using CSS
  5. Stretchable Background Image Using CSS
  6. CSS Image Path Conventions
  7. Make an HTML Table With Rounded Corner Using CSS
  8. Override Bootstrap CSS

C Howtos

  1. Handling Errors in C
  2. Null Terminated Strings in C
  3. C Compiler for Windows

HTML Howtos

  1. Insert Vertical Space in HTML
  2. Change Format in HTML Datepicker
  3. Display XML in HTML
  4. Read-Only Checkbox in HTML
  5. HTML Codes to Display Arrows

Python How-To's

  1. Use Global Variables Across Multiple Files in Python
  2. Count Vowels in a String Using Python
  3. Extract Domain From URL in Python

C++ Howtos

  1. C++ Run Command Line
  2. Check C++ Compiler Version in Linux
  3. Prime Number Generator in C++
  4. Multidimensional Vectors in C++
  5. Overload the Bracket Operator in C++
  6. The shellExecute() Function in C++
  7. NULL Undeclared Error in C++
  8. C++ std::bad_alloc Exception
  9. Error: Cannot Call Member Function Without Object in C++
  10. Warning: Cast From Pointer to Integer of Different Size in C++
  11. Vector Destructor in C++
  12. Handling Errors in C++
  13. Difference Between Struct and Typedef Struct in C++
  14. Struct Constructors in C++
  15. Tower of Hanoi in C++
  16. Iterate Through a List in C++

MySQL Howtos

  1. Backup MySQL Database in Windows
  2. Kill Connections in MySQL