Jay Singh

Go Howtos

  1. Catch Panics in Go
  2. Declare a Constant Map in Go
  3. Deep Copy in Go
  4. Lambda Expression in Golang
  5. The Zero Value Nil in Golang
  6. Use If-Else and Switch Loop Inside HTML Template in Golang
  7. Copy a Map in Go
  8. Difference Between []String and ...String in Go
  9. Dump Goroutine Stack Traces in Go
  10. Format Current Time in a yyyyMMddHHmmss Format in Go
  11. Rune in Go
  12. Send a JSON String in a POST Request in Go
  13. Composite Literals in Go
  14. Cast Interface Into Concrete Type in Go
  15. Constant Array in Go
  16. Convert Time to String in Go
  17. Delete Key From Map in Go
  18. Reverse an Array in Go
  19. Create Constructors in Golang
  20. Create Tags in Go
  21. Format a String Without Printing in Golang
  22. Generate Random String of Fixed Length in Golang
  23. Read/Write From/to a File in Go
  24. Convert Boolean Into a String in Go
  25. Convert String to Int64 in Go
  26. Execute Shell Command in Go
  27. Get a Slice of Keys From a Map in Go
  28. Get Error Message in String in Go
  29. Split a String With Delimiters in Go
  30. Check if a Slice Contains an Element in Golang
  31. Enumerator in Go
  32. Extract a Substring in Golang
  33. Generate a UUID in Golang
  34. Import Local Packages in Go
  35. Optional Parameters in Go
  36. Check if a File Exists or Not in Go
  37. Create an Empty Slice in Go
  38. Queue Implementation in Golang
  39. The Foreach Loop in Golang
  40. The Idiomatic Go Equivalent of C's Ternary Operator
  41. Convert String to Byte Array in Golang

CSS Howtos

  1. Change an HTML5 Input Placeholder Color With CSS
  2. Rotate Animation in CSS
  3. Shift Text Using CSS
  4. Slide in From Left Transition in CSS
  5. Transparent Background Color in CSS
  6. Position Text Over an Image With CSS