Syed Moiz Haider

Python How-To's

  1. Get the Day of the Week in Python
  2. Extract Numbers From a String in Python
  3. Find Maximum Value in Python Dictionary
  4. Get the Average of a List in Python
  5. Convert Int to Binary in Python
  6. Difference Between %s and %d in Python String Formatting
  7. Declare an Array in Python
  8. Print String and Variable in Python
  9. Round Up a Number in Python
  10. Ternary Conditional Operator in Python
  11. Print Without Newline in Python
  12. Truncate Float in Python
  13. Get Number of Lines in a File in Python
  14. Overwrite a File in Python
  15. Python Find String in File
  16. Add Days to a Date in Python
  17. Compare Two Dates in Python
  18. Prepend to a List in Python
  19. Write a List to a File With Python
  20. Print to stderr in Python
  21. Get Filename From Path in Python
  22. Remove Substring From String in Python
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