Nilesh Katuwal

Linux Howtos

  1. Change Directory in Bash
  2. Sort Data Based on the Second Column of a File in Bash
  3. Modify a Global Variable Within a Function in Bash
  4. Open HTML File Using Bash
  5. Search for Files With a Filename Beginning With a Specified String in Bash
  6. Error Handling in Bash
  7. Bash Set in Fish
  8. Use the Mod Operator in Bash
  9. Fix the Device or Resource Busy Error on Linux
  10. Rsync to Exclude Files and Directories in Linux
  11. The Purpose of Sticky Bit in Linux
  12. Wheel Groups in Linux
  13. grep Ignore Case in Linux
  14. Network Interfaces in Linux
  15. Get a List of All Storage Devices Connected to a Linux Machine
  16. Copy and Paste From the Local Clipboard Into Vim
  17. Differences Between Curl and Wget
  18. Jump to the End of the File Using Nano
  19. Reverse SSH Tunneling
  20. The declare Command in Bash
  21. Purpose of Shell-Script Headers
  22. Assign One Variable to Another in Bash
  23. Change the Permission of Folder and Directories in Linux/Unix
  24. Find and Replace Complex Strings by Using Sed With Regex
  25. Top Command in Linux
  26. Using the Commands pushd and popd
  27. Check if Variable Is Set in Bash
  28. Hash Tables in Bash
  29. Loop Over Files in Directory in Bash
  30. Set -e in Bash Scripting
  31. The -ne Operator in Bash
  32. The sed Command in Bash
  33. Pass Parameter in a Bash Function
  34. Convert Letter Case of Strings in Bash
  35. Change Output Color of Echo in Bash
  36. Emulate Do-While Loop in Bash
  37. Make a Bash Alias
  38. Format Date and Time in Bash
  39. Declare and Utilize Booleans in Bash
  40. Generate Random Number in Bash
  41. The if Not Condition in Bash
  42. String Replacement in Bash

Rust Howtos

  1. await in Rust
  2. Create String Enum in Rust
  3. Use Macro Across Module Files in React
  4. Use Serde to Serialize Structs Containing Ndarray Fields
  5. const() in Rust
  6. Garbage Collector in Rust
  7. Move Semantics in Rust
  8. Procedurally Generate Images Using Rust-Image
  9. Unwrap and Its Uses in Rust
  10. Compute the Difference Between Two Sets in Rust
  11. Filter a Vector of Custom Structs in Rust
  12. Match a String Against String Literals
  13. Question Mark Operator in Rust
  14. Convert ArrayD to Array2 in Rust
  15. Queue and Stack Collections in Rust
  16. Range in Rust
  17. Compile Error When Printing an Integer in Rust
  18. Concatenate Strings in Rust
  19. Convert String to Int in Rust
  20. Get Size of an Array Passed as an Argument
  21. Split String in Rust
  22. Uninstall Rust Installed via Rustup
  23. Clone Arc in Rust
  24. Difference Between Rc::clone(&rc) and rc.clone() in Rust
  25. Initialize Variables in a Rust Struct
  26. Interactive Debugger for Rust
  27. Reading and Writing Files in Rust
  28. Get Absolute Value in Rust