Open HTML File Using Bash

Nilesh Katuwal Feb 06, 2023 Aug 30, 2022
Open HTML File Using Bash

In this article, we will learn about opening an HTML file with the default browser using Bash on Mac.

Open a HTML File Using Bash

To open a .html file, first, we need to create a filename with the .html extension.


create html files using the touch command and view the folder using the ls command

We can see that we’ve created a .html file using the touch command. Three .html files are available in that folder, which we see using the ls command.

We need to open either of the available .html files in that folder. To open the test.html file, we need to use the following command, being in the same directory where there is the .html file.


open ./test.html

We can also use the man command:

man open ./test.html

Note that the default application is determined via LaunchServices.

We can also use the open command with the -a flag to open a file or location in any targeted application (Google Chrome).


open -a "Google Chrome" index.html

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