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R Howtos

  1. Check for Missing Values Using a Boolean Operator in R
  2. Locate R Script and Data Files Without Changing the Working Directory
  3. Size Plots in Beamer Slides Made Using R Markdown
  4. Identify R Object Properties
  5. Create a Ggplot2 Visualization With a Transparent Background
  6. Include a Local Image File in an R Presentation
  7. Use the Predict Function on a Linear Regression Model in R
  8. $ Operator Is Invalid for Atomic Vectors Error in R
  9. Create a Random Matrix With Constant Row Sums in R
  10. Restart R in R Studio
  11. Filter a Data Frame With Multiple Conditions in R
  12. Paste Strings Without Spaces in R
  13. Use the %*% Operator in R
  14. Create a 3D Surface Plot From (x,y,z) Coordinates
  15. Create a 3D Perspective Plot in R
  16. Test Hypothesis in R
  17. Create Combinations and Permutations of Vectors in R
  18. Use Cross-Validation for a KNN Classification Model in R
  19. Create and Interpret Dummy Variables in R
  20. Test for Normality of Data in R
  21. Create and Visualize a Correlation Matrix in R
  22. Perform Time Series Analysis and Forecasts in R
  23. Perform K-Means Clustering in Base R
  24. Use the group_by Function in R Dplyr
  25. Compute Binomial Coefficients in Java
  26. Use the if and if...else Statements in R
  27. Customize the PCA Biplot in R
  28. Use the Source Function to Run Another R Script
  29. Interpret Output of system.time Function in R
  30. Convert Multiple Columns From Integer to Numeric Type in R
  31. Generate a Regular Sequence of Numbers in R
  32. Set Location of Current File as Working Directory in R Studio
  33. Add a Calculated Column to a Matrix in R
  34. Remove Object Names and Dimnames in R
  35. Find the Null Space of a Matrix in R
  36. Uninstall R and All Its Packages on Windows
  37. Remove User-Defined Objects From the Workspace in R
  38. Color-Blind Accessible Colors in Base R
  39. Pass Command Line Arguments to R CMD BATCH and Rscript
  40. Read a Text File Line by Line in R
  41. Vectorized if Function With Multiple Conditions in R
  42. Sum of Selected Columns of an R Data Frame
  43. Install R Packages From Source
  44. Break a for Loop in R
  45. Drop Multiple Columns From a Data Frame Using Dplyr
  46. Stop Running R Code With the Keyboard or Mouse
  47. Export a Data Frame From R to Microsoft Excel
  48. Calculate the R-Squared Statistic in R
  49. Remove the First Character From a String in R

Python How-To's

  1. Get Max Heap in Python
  2. Differentiate Iterator and Generator in Python
  3. Read a Text File and Print Its Contents in Python
  4. Print a Multiplication Table in Python Using Basic Programming Concepts
  5. Use and in Python
Author: Jesse John
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Jesse is passionate about data analysis and visualization. He uses the R statistical programming language for all aspects of his work.