Articles by Jay Shaw

Python How-To's

  1. How to Validate Numbers Using Luhn Algorithm in Python
  2. Regex Wildcards Using the Re Module in Python
  3. How to Create Python Script to Open a New Terminal and Run Commands in Linux
  4. How to Fit Poisson Distribution to Different Datasets in Python
  5. How to Find the Last Day of the Month Using Python
  6. How to Run Python in Java Using Jython
  7. How to Read and Write to Parquet Files in Python
  8. Collatz Sequence in Python
  9. Data Class Inheritance in Python
  10. How to Create Temporary File in Python
  11. How to Ignore SSL Security Certificate Check in Python Requests
  12. How to Set User Agent Using Requests in Python
  13. How to Lock a File in Python
  14. How to Custom Search Engine Using Google API in Python
  15. How to Read Environment Variables From Env File in Python
  16. Monkey Patching in Python
  17. How to Solve Error - Python.h: No Such File or Directory in C++
  18. How to Solve the ValueError: I/O Operation on Closed File in Python
  19. Solved: Overflow Encountered in Double_Scalars in Python
  20. How to Fix ImportError: No Module Named Sklearn in Python
  21. How to Connect to PostgreSQL Database Using Python
  22. How to Implement Multiple Decorators in Python
  23. How to Implement Timeout in Python Requests
  24. How to Extract Elements From a Database Using fetchall() in Python
  25. How to Create Pipelines in Python
  26. How to Decode Base-64 Data in Python
  27. How to Plot Confusion Matrix in Python

C++ Howtos

  1. How to Implement the realpath() Function in C++
  2. How to Find Value of Polynomial Using Horner's Rule in C++
  3. How to Throw Exceptions With Message in C++
  4. using vs typedef in C++
  5. Package Managers for C++
  6. C++ Factory Method
  7. Rule of Three in C++
  8. Function Pointer to Member Function in C++
  9. How to Create a Lookup Table in C++
  10. How to Generate Random Values by Dice Roll in C++
  11. Linked List Using Templates in C++
  12. How to Convert to SHA256 in C++
  13. Arithmetic Operations on Fractions Using Constructor in C++

C Howtos

  1. Dereferencing Pointer to Incomplete Type Error in C

Java Howtos

  1. How to Create REST Client in Java
  2. Undefined Value in Java