Articles by Hassan Saeed

Java Howtos

  1. How to Initialize ArrayList in Java
  2. How to Print 2D Array in Java
  3. Infinity in Java
  4. How to Convert List to Array in Java
  5. How to Get the Length of a 2D Array in Java
  6. How to Initialize a String Array in Java
  7. How to Split String to Array in Java
  8. How to Convert Byte Array to String in Java
  9. How to Convert File to a Byte Array in Java
  10. How to Convert String to Date in Java
  11. How to Get Keys From HashMap in Java
  12. How to Check if a String Is Empty or Null in Java
  13. How to Check Type of a Variable in Java
  14. How to Convert Char to Int in Java
  15. How to Convert Long to Int in Java
  16. How to Convert a Char to a String in Java
  17. How to Convert a String to Char in Java
  18. How to Convert a String to Long in Java
  19. How to Convert an Array to a List in Java
  20. How to Pass a Function as a Parameter in Java
  21. How to Read a Large Text File Line by Line in Java
  22. How to Create a File and Write Data to It in Java
  23. How to Convert an Integer to a String in Java
  24. How to Create a New List in Java
  25. How to Split a String in Java
  26. How to Add New Elements to an Array in Java

Python How-To's

  1. How to Convert a Character to an Integer and Vice Versa in Python
  2. How to Generate All Permutations of a List in Python
  3. How to Get Unique Values From a List in Python
  4. How to Strip Punctuation From a String in Python
  5. How to Clear Variables in IPython
  6. How to Read Input From stdin in Python