Nurudeen Ibrahim

Ruby Howtos

  1. Compare Strings in Ruby
  2. Difference Between puts and print in Ruby
  3. Difference Between require and require_relative in Ruby
  4. Fix Undefined Method in Ruby
  5. Remove Duplicates From a Ruby Array
  6. Run Ruby Script in Terminal
  7. Filter an Array in Ruby
  8. Difference Between Class and Class Instance Variables in Ruby
  9. Execute Shell Commands in Ruby
  10. Handle Exceptions Using Begin and Rescue in Ruby
  11. Use Safe Navigation in Ruby
  12. Use the inject Method in Ruby
  13. Add an Item to a Ruby Hash
  14. Enum in Ruby
  15. Get Maximum and Minimum Number in a Ruby Array
  16. Understanding Class << Self in Ruby
  17. Update Ruby Gems
  18. Use Pattern Matching Operator in Ruby
  19. Attr Accessor in Ruby
  20. The do Keyword in Ruby
  21. Call Method in Ruby
  22. Convert a String to Lowercase or Uppercase in Ruby
  23. Remove an Array Element in Ruby
  24. Write One Line if Statement in Ruby
  25. Parse a JSON String in Ruby
  26. The map Method in Ruby
  27. try...catch in Ruby
  28. Update Ruby Version in macOS
  29. Write a Switch Statement in Ruby
  30. Write to a File in Ruby
  31. Difference Between OR and Double Pipe Operator in Ruby
  32. Accept User Input With Gets in Ruby
  33. Find a Value in a Ruby Array
  34. Map an Array With Index in Ruby
  35. Iterate Through a Ruby Array