Articles by Shivam Arora

Python How-To's

  1. How to Find Peaks in Python
  2. How to dotenv in Python
  3. How to Round A Number to Significant Digits in Python
  4. if Statement With Strings in Python
  5. The Modulo Operator (%) in Python
  6. Colors in Python
  7. How to Plot Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in Python
  8. in Python
  9. Binomial Coefficient in Python
  10. How to Reverse Order Using Slicing in Python
  11. How to Smooth Data in Python
  12. How to Sort List by Another List in Python
  13. Multiple Regression in Python
  14. How to Calculate Cosine Similarity in Python
  15. Parallel for Loop in Python
  16. How to Decrement a Loop in Python
  17. How to Get IP Address in Python
  18. How to Loop Over a String in Python
  19. Python File Header
  20. How to Remove Non-Alphanumeric Characters From Python String

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Nested Functions in JavaScript
  2. How to Export Array to CSV in JavaScript
  3. How to Sum Array of Objects in JavaScript

Java Howtos

  1. Comparable vs Comparator in Java