Namita Chaudhary

C++ Howtos

  1. Virtual Variable in C++
  2. Destructor for Dynamic Array in C++
  3. Roman Numeral Converter in C++
  4. C++ Subclass Inheritance
  5. Struct in Class in C++
  6. Set vs Hashset in C++
  7. Too Many Arguments to Function Error in C++
  8. C++ Get Variable Type
  9. Remove Last Character From a String in C++

Python How-To's

  1. Set Logging Levels Using setLevel() in Python
  2. Python if-else Shorthand
  3. Generate Password in Python
  4. File <Stdin>, Line 1, in <Module> Error in Python
  5. Find Maximum Float Value in Python
  6. Longest Common Substring in Python
  7. Merge Two Sorted Lists in Python
  8. Case Insensitive Regex in Python
  9. NTH Occurrence of a Substring in a String in Python
  10. Float vs Int in Python
  11. Fix Python Cannot Concatenate STR and Int Objects Error

C Howtos

  1. A Label Can Only Be Part of a Statement and a Declaration Is Not a Statement