Muhammad Ibrahim Alvi

TypeScript Howtos

  1. Convert String to Date in Angular2 TypeScript
  2. Debug TypeScript Files in Visual Studio Code
  3. Use of the never Keyword in TypeScript
  4. Use Uuid in TypeScript Nodejs App
  5. Declaration or Statement Expected Error in TypeScript
  6. Interface Default Value in TypeScript
  7. Use the declare Keyword in TypeScript
  8. Declare an ES6 Map in TypeScript
  9. Static Class in TypeScript
  10. Update TypeScript to the Latest Version Using Node Package Manager
  11. Refs in React With TypeScript
  12. Return a Promise in TypeScript
  13. Hashmap and Dictionary Interface in TypeScript
  14. Casting a Number to String in TypeScript
  15. Use jQuery With TypeScript
  16. Convert an Object Into a JSON String in TypeScript
  17. Handle Exceptions Using try..catch..finally in TypeScript
  18. Watch and Reload Ts-Node When Files Change in TypeScript
  19. Import JSON File in TypeScript
  20. Define Type for Function Callbacks in TypeScript
  21. Check for Undefined in TypeScript

Angular Howtos

  1. getElementById Replacement in Angular Using TypeScript
  2. Set Default Option Value of Select From Typescript in AngularJs
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Ibrahim is a Full Stack developer working as a Software Engineer in a reputable international organization. He has work experience in technologies stack like MERN and Spring Boot. He is an enthusiastic JavaScript lover who loves to provide and share research-based solutions to problems. He loves problem-solving and loves to write solutions of those problems with implemented solutions.