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Hi, my name is Maxim Maeder, I am a young programming enthusiast looking to have fun coding and teaching you some things about programming.

Articles by Maxim Maeder

Python PyGame Howtos

  1. How to Create 3D Graphics in PyGame
  2. pygame.display.set_mode in Pygame
  3. How to Delete PyGame With PIP
  4. How to Use the quit() Method in Pygame
  5. How to Detect Collisions in Pygame
  6. How to Get Available Fonts in Pygame
  7. How to Rotate Images in Pygame
  8. How to Scale Images in Pygame
  9. KEYDOWN Function in Pygame
  10. The collidepoint() Method in Pygame
  11. How to Get Keyboard Input in Pygame
  12. surface.blit() Function in Pygame
  13. How to Draw a Circle in Pygame
  14. How to Display Text in Pygame
  15. How to Draw Rectangle in Pygame
  16. How to Set Window to Fullscreen in Pygame

Python Matplotlib Howto's

  1. How to Plot Quiver Diagram in Matplotlib
  2. Interactive Sliders in Matplotlib
  3. How to Add Trendline in Python Matplotlib
  4. How to Save Plot as SVG File in Matplotlib
  5. How to Color Histogramm in Matplotlib
  6. How to Set Minor Ticks in Matplotlib
  7. Named Colors in Matplotlib
  8. How to Label Lines in Matplotlib
  9. How to Overlay Plots in Matplotlib