How to Delete PyGame With PIP

Maxim Maeder Feb 02, 2024
How to Delete PyGame With PIP

This tutorial teaches you how to delete the Pygame module from your computer.

This can be a solution if you are having problems with the library. After this, you can reinstall it.

This tutorial teaches, by extension, how to delete any module from Python.

Use PIP to Delete or Uninstall Pygame

We install modules and libraries with PIP and delete them with it. Open a command line of your choice and type in the following command.

pip uninstall pygame

After hitting Enter, it will show you all files which will be deleted, and you have to agree by pressing Y and hitting Enter.

Found existing installation: pygame 2.0.1
Uninstalling pygame-2.0.1:
  Would remove:
    c:\program files\python39\include\pygame\_camera.h
    c:\program files\python39\include\pygame\_pygame.h
    and so on ...
Proceed (Y/n)?

After this, Pygame should be deleted from your system. And a fresh install can be made with the following:

pip install pygame
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