Fumbani Banda

Linux Howtos

  1. Configure Apache Web Server on Ubuntu and Debian
  2. Using the shift Command in Bash Scripts
  3. The Grep Command in Linux
  4. The History Command in Linux
  5. Use the rm Command to Remove Files in Linux
  6. The export Command in Bash
  7. Difference Between a Login Shell and a Non-Login Shell
  8. Difference Between Bash Profile and Bashrc
  9. Screen Command in Linux
  10. Here Document in Bash
  11. SSH to Remote Server
  12. Check if Variable Is Empty in Bash
  13. Difference Between Single and Double Square Brackets in Bash
  14. Extract File Base Name in Bash
  15. For Loop in Bash
  16. Functions in Bash
  17. Pipes in Bash
  18. Add Numbers in Bash
  19. Escape Characters in Bash
  20. Set Variable to Output of Command in Bash
  21. Standard Streams in Bash
  22. Trim Whitespace in Bash
  23. Get Script Directory in Bash
  24. Regex Match in Bash
  25. Split String in Bash
  26. Split String Into Array in Bash
  27. Difference Between Sh and Bash
  28. Edit and Reload the .Bashrc File
  29. Shebang in Bash Script
  30. Change Directory With Git Bash
  31. Extract Substring in Bash
  32. Run GDB in Bash Script
  33. Bash Ranges
  34. Cat EOF in Bash
  35. Multi-Line String in Bash
  36. Remove Directory in Bash Terminal
  37. Use getopts in Bash Script
  38. Loop Through Array in Bash
  39. Read File Lines in Bash
  40. Run Bash Script in Terminal
  41. Use and With the if Statement in Bash
  42. Check if File Does Not Exist in Bash
  43. Compare Numbers in Bash
  44. Echo New Line in Bash
  45. Parsing Command Line Arguments in Bash

Git Howtos

  1. Set Username and Password in Git
  2. Get Current Branch in Git
  3. Git Authentication
  4. Undo Git Pull

Python How-To's

  1. Check if Index Exists in Python List
  2. Python Threadpool
  3. Recursive Multiplication in Python
  4. Start A Thread in Python
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Fumbani is a tech enthusiast. He enjoys writing on Linux and Python as well as contributing to open-source projects.

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