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Git Howtos

  1. Determine the Current Branch in Git
  2. Git Checkout VS Pull
  3. Git Grep
  4. Git Pull VS Merge
  5. Git Fork vs Branch
  6. Git Push With SSH Key
  7. Get Current Commit in Git
  8. Git Squash All Commits
  9. Git List Commits
  10. Git Icons
  11. Git Revert Commit Local
  12. Git Unmerged Files
  13. Git Remote Add SSH
  14. Open Git Bash on Mac
  15. Git Push Origin Head
  16. Git Merge Dry Run
  17. Git Push Hangs
  18. Enable Git Tab Autocomplete
  19. Update Git on Mac
  20. Git Show Remote Tracking Branches
  21. GitLab CI Variables
  22. Git Sync Branch With Master
  23. Git Refresh Remote Branches
  24. Track Command History in Git
  25. Git Remove Commit From History
  26. Git Stash Needs Merge
  27. Git Repository Names
  28. Difference Between Git Switch and Checkout
  29. Get the Latest Version of Code in Git
  30. Create Pull Request From Command Line in Git
  31. Global Git Config File Location
  32. Install Git in Cygwin
  33. Cherry-Pick Merge Commit in Git
  34. Difference Between Two Commits in Git
  35. Git Overwrite Master With Branch
  36. Add Remote Branch in Git
  37. Check Git Version
  38. Rename Local Branch in Git
  39. Uninstall Git in Windows
  40. Git Merge Develop Into Feature
  41. Uninitialize Repository in Git
  42. Update Local Branch From Remote in Git
  43. Copy File From Another Branch in Git
  44. Recover Stash in Git
  45. Copy Commits From Another Branch in Git
  46. Delete Commit From the Remote Repository in Git
  47. Globally Ignore Files in Git
  48. Recursively Add Files and Folders in Git
  49. Push to Specific Branch in Git
  50. Git Merge Repositories
  51. Show Files in Git Commit
  52. Clear Stash in Git
  53. Make Reports in Git
  54. Push Username in Git
  55. Undo Git Reset
  56. Untrack Folder in Git
  57. Change the Git Editor for Commits
  58. Log Graph in Git
  59. View Git Configuration
  60. Difference Between Branches in Git
  61. Add Multiple Files in Git
  62. Checkout Tag in Git
  63. Center Image in Markdown
  64. Multiple Commits Using Cherry-Pick in Git
  65. Remove Version Tracking From Folder in Git
  66. Unstage a File in Git
  67. gitkeep and gitignore in Git
  68. Head in Git
  69. Clone a Repository in Git
  70. Stash One File in Git
  71. Undo Checkout in Git
  72. Merge With Force Overwrite in Git
  73. Remove Remote Origin in Git
  74. Revert Merge Commit in Git
  75. Delete Git Local Repository
  76. List All Remote Branches in Git
  77. Move Commit to Another Branch in Git
  78. Rename Branch in Git
  79. Reset and Restore in Git
  80. Submodule Update in Git
  81. Compare Local and Remote Branches in Git
  82. Force Pull Overwrite in Git
  83. Remove Committed Files in Git
  84. Undo Last Commit in Git
  85. Undo rm in Git
  86. Cherry-Pick a Commit in Git
  87. Reattach Head in Git
  88. The gitignore File in Git
  89. Update Branch From Master in Git
  90. Pull All Branches in Git
  91. Remove Commit From a Branch in Git
  92. Reset HEAD in Git
  93. Push Local Branch to the Remote Branch in Git
  94. Discard Changes in Git
  95. Fetch Remote Branch in Git
  96. Merge and Squash in Git
  97. Set Upstream in Git
  98. Check Out a Remote Git Branch
  99. Delete a Git Branch Locally and Remotely
  100. Force Git Pull to Overwrite Local Files
  101. Undo Commit in Git

Python How-To's

  1. Read Specific Column From .dat File in Python
  2. Examining Items in a Python Queue
  3. Split a String on New Line in Python
  4. Find NTH Root of X Value in Python
  5. Class Property in Python
  6. Create Subclass From Superclass in Python
  7. Delete Element From List in Python
  8. Find Maximum and Minimum Value Using Lambda Expression in Python
  9. Random Seed Function in Python
  10. Binary Numbers Representation in Python
  11. Convert Date to Datetime in Python
  12. Call a Class in Python
Author: Abdul Jabbar
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Abdul is a software engineer with an architect background and a passion for full-stack web development with eight years of professional experience in analysis, design, development, implementation, performance tuning, and implementation of business applications.