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I am Waqar having 5+ years of software engineering experience. I have been in the industry as a javascript web and mobile developer for 3 years working with multiple frameworks such as nodejs, react js, react native, Ionic, and angular js. After which I Switched to flutter mobile development. I have 2 years of experience building android and ios apps with flutter. For the backend, I have experience with rest APIs, Aws, and firebase. I have also written articles related to problem-solving and best practices in C, C++, Javascript, C#, and power shell.

Articles by Waqar Aslam

JavaScript Howtos

  1. JavaScript Readable Stream
  2. How to Extend Multiple Classes in JavaScript
  3. JavaScript Tail Recursion
  4. The ParentNode Property in JavaScript
  5. How to Get a Cookie by Name in JavaScript
  6. How to Left Trim Strings in JavaScript

Node.js Howtos

  1. How to Create Charts Using Node.js
  2. How to Use jQuery With Node.js
  3. Multithreading in Node.js
  4. Node Sass Could Not Find a Binding for Your Current Environment
  5. Node.js VS React JS

C Howtos

  1. Logical XOR Operator in C
  2. Multiple Pipes in C
  3. %G Format Specifier in C
  4. Scanf String With Spaces in C
  5. File Descriptor in C
  6. How to Print a Hexadecimal Value in C
  7. The register Keyword in C
  8. How to Throw an Exception in C
  9. How to Read Until End of File in C
  10. State Machine in C
  11. Integer Division in C
  12. How to Get Size of a Pointer in C

PowerShell Howtos

  1. How to Set Default Value With Read-Host in PowerShell
  2. How to Get-ADComputer -Filter in PowerShell
  3. How to Access to the Path Is Denied in PowerShell