Stewart Nguyen

Ruby Howtos

  1. Check if a File Exists in Ruby
  2. Convert Array to Hash in Ruby
  3. Ruby List File in Folder
  4. The Binary Left Shift Operator in Ruby
  5. Difference Between Each_with_index and each.with_index in Ruby
  6. Capitalize String in Ruby
  7. Generate Random Number in Ruby
  8. Ruby Class Variables
  9. The send Method in Ruby
  10. Install a Specific Verson for a Gem in Ruby
  11. Parsing XML With Ruby
  12. Ruby ? ? Means
  13. The Attr_accessor, Attr_reader, and Attr_writer in Ruby
  14. The Kind_of, Instance_of, and Is_a In Ruby
  15. Trim a String Without Creating a New String in Ruby
  16. The continue Keyword in Ruby
  17. Read Lines of a Files in Ruby
  18. Determine Object Type in Ruby
  19. Conditional Assignment in Ruby
  20. Require vs Include in Ruby
  21. Ruby Write Multi-Line String
  22. Concatenate Strings in Ruby
  23. The %W Syntax Mean in Ruby
  24. Check Whether a String Contains a Substring in Ruby
  25. Ruby && vs And
  26. Sum an Array of Numbers in Ruby
  27. Ruby Sleep for X Seconds
  28. Check if Value Exists in Array in Ruby
  29. For vs Each in Ruby
  30. Ruby Multi-Line Comment
  31. Convert Array to String in Ruby

Git Howtos

  1. Git Clone Specific Tag
  2. Git Create Branch From a Commit
  3. Git Squash All Commits on a Branch
  4. Push Empty Commits to Remote in Git
  5. Git List Remote Branches
  6. Git Remove Uncommitted Changes
  7. Git Set Upstream Branch
  8. Prune Remote Branches in Git
  9. Set Up Git Remote
  10. Git Untracked Files