Hiten Kanwar

Python How-To's

  1. __all__ in Python
  2. Check if a Variable Is None in Python
  3. Declare a Variable Without Value in Python
  4. The eval() Function in Python
  5. Convert MP3 to WAV in Python
  6. Use Pi in Python
  7. Count Occurrences of a Character in a String in Python
  8. Run Python Code in Sublime Text 3

Java Howtos

  1. Collision in Hashmap in Java
  2. Annotation @param in Java
  3. Create a Subarray in Java
  4. Instantiate an Object in Java
  5. Print Linked List in Java
  6. Destructor in Java
  7. HashMap, HashSet and Hashtable in Java
  8. Sort a Set in Java
  9. CET Time in Java
  10. Syllable Counter in Java
  11. Doubly Linked List in Java
  12. Nested ArrayList in Java
  13. Add Integers to an Array

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Check if a Value Is Object in JavaScript
  2. Check if Sring Is a Number in JavaScript