Abdul Mateen

C# Howtos

  1. Add a Row in DataGridView Using C#
  2. Get the Current Time in Milliseconds in C#
  3. Friend Class Equivalent in C#

C++ Howtos

  1. Serialization Libraries in C++
  2. Base 64 Encoding Implementation in C++
  3. Write System Call in C++
  4. Race Condition in C++
  5. Intersection of Ray and Plane in C++
  6. Read File Into a Binary Search Tree Using C++
  7. Use of 128-Bit Integer in C++
  8. Represent the Deck of Cards in C++ Array
  9. Big Integer in C++
  10. Read PPM File in C++
  11. Specify 64-Bit Integer in C++
  12. C++ Pure Virtual Destructor
  13. C++ Redefinition of Formal Parameter
  14. Move Semantics in C++
  15. C++ Call Base Class Method

Linux Howtos

  1. Get the File Creation Date/Time in Bash
  2. Bash History Size
  3. Split String Into Variables in Bash
  4. Convert String to Integer in Bash
  5. Nested for Loop in Bash

C Howtos

  1. Use of Execve in C
  2. Bit Field in C
  3. Convert a C Program to Assembly
  4. Infinity in C
  5. The restrict Keyword in C

Python How-To's

  1. Series of Promises in Python
  2. Async for Loop in Python

Java Howtos

  1. Get Length of Array in Java
  2. Print an Array in Java
  3. Sort a String in Java
  4. Initialize an Empty Array in Java
  5. Remove a Character From String in Java

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Loop Through a JavaScript Object