Array vs Object Declaration in JavaScript

Array vs Object Declaration in JavaScript

Arrays and objects are both mutable and can store multiple values. They both are considered a vital part of JavaScript.

We will learn about the difference between array and object declaration in JavaScript in this article.

Arrays are used when we store multiple values of a single variable, while an object can hold multiple variables with their values.

An array can also be considered as an object and has most of the object functionalities. It has some additional features like length, pop(), slice(), etc.

To declare arrays, we will use the square brackets [].

See the following code.

var name = ["abc","def"]



In the above example, we declared an array called name and printed its contents. Note that elements in an array are stored at specific indexes, which can be used to access them.

On the other hand, an object lets us associate name with a value as a pair. We can use the keys to access values from an object.

To declare an object, we will use the curly braces {}.

For example,

var obj = {
  name: ["abc","def"],
  age: 18,



The above example should clear things up. We created an object called obj. One of the pairs contains an array. We were able to access the elements using their keys.

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