Mohd Mohtashim Nawaz

Python How-To's

  1. Python Socket Accept Timeout

Java Howtos

  1. Java Copy Text to Clipboard
  2. Create and Run a Java JAR File
  3. Create a Bitmap Image in Java
  4. Create and Read PDF in Java Using the iText Library
  5. _JAVA_OPTIONS Environment Variable in Java
  6. Create Temporary Files in Java
  7. Handle EOFException in Java
  8. Generate MD5 Hash in Java
  9. Java Dead Code Warning
  10. List of Arrays in Java
  11. Handling JSON Arrays in Java
  12. The volatile Keyword in Java

C++ Howtos

  1. Compile a C++ Program Using GCC
  2. User Input Array in Function in C++
  3. Represent Negative Values in C++
  4. Seed Random Number Generator in C++
  5. Understand Smart Pointers in C++

Linux Howtos

  1. Check Java Version in Linux