Articles by Luqman Khan

C# Howtos

  1. How to Write to the Event Log Application in C#
  2. Unique Items to List in C#
  3. How to Get Double Value by Dividing Two Integers in C#
  4. Nested Classes in C#
  5. Modulo Operator in C#

C Howtos

  1. Types of Shift Operators in C

Python Pandas Howtos

  1. How to Convert Spark List to Pandas Dataframe
  2. How to Get the Length of List in Python Pandas Dataframe
  3. How to Unpivot a Python Pandas Dataframe
  4. How to Convert XML File to Pandas DataFrame
  5. How to Find the Installed Pandas Version
  6. How to Create a Pie Chart Using Pandas DataFrame
  7. How to Flatten a Hierarchical Index in Columns in Pandas
  8. How to Groupby Index Columns in Pandas
  9. How to Split Strings Into Two List Columns Using str.split in Python Pandas
  10. How to Change Order of Columns Pandas Dataframe
  11. Difference Between Shallow Copy vs Deep Copy in Pandas Dataframes
  12. How to Get List From Pandas DataFrame Series
  13. How to Create a Pandas Dataframe From a List of Dictionary
  14. How to Split a Single Column Into Multiple Columns in Pandas DataFrame Column

Python How-To's

  1. How to Loop Backward Iteration in Python