Ashok Chapagai

Git Howtos

  1. Pull Specific Commit From Git Repository
  2. Add Empty Directory in Git
  3. Undo Git Reset With the --hard Flag
  4. Add Files Into Staging by Git in Different Ways
  5. Create Remote Git Branch
  6. Prune Local Branches in Git
  7. Reset File to Be Same as Master Branch in Git
  8. Remove Untracked Files in Git
  9. Revert Local Changes to Previous State in Git
  10. Delete Stash Record in Git
  11. Pull Latest Changes From Git Remote Repository to Local Branch
  12. Set(Origin) Remote Repository URL in Git
  13. Abort Git Merge
  14. Fully Delete a Git Repository
  15. Git - LF Will Be Replaced by CRLF
  16. Ignore Node_modules Folder Everywhere
  17. Rename Local and Remote Git Branch

CSS Howtos

  1. Create Responsive Fonts in CSS
  2. Not to Select the First Child in CSS

HTML Howtos

  1. Place Text Next to Image in HTML

JavaScript Howtos

  1. Find Index of Object in JavaScript Array
  2. Read File Line by Line in JavaScript
  3. Remove Object From an Array in JavaScript
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Ashok is an avid learner and senior software engineer with a keen interest in cyber security. He loves articulating his experience with words to wider audience.

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