How to Fix ImportError: Missing Required Dependencies Numpy

Zeeshan Afridi Feb 02, 2024
  1. What Is the ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] in Python
  2. How to Fix the ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] in Python
How to Fix ImportError: Missing Required Dependencies Numpy

The ImportError is a common error when new to Python libraries like pandas, Numpy, and TensorFlow.

Some libraries need external packages and classes to download, so you must import them through the Command Line Interface (CLI) and then import them to your program using the import keyword.

The syntax of importing a library is as follows.

import pandas as pd

The above line of code will import the pandas library as pd, and you can use pd to access the different classes and functions of pandas.

What Is the ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] in Python

As we know, there are some modules, classes, packages, and libraries in Python that you can directly import into your program with the import keyword.

But then we have some libraries and packages which you cannot directly import into your program, and if you try with the import keyword, it will throw the ImportError and ask you to import the required dependencies.

Let’s see an example of the ImportError: Missing required dependencies.

import pandas as pd


ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy']

In the above piece of code, we are importing pandas as pd, but it throws an ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'], which means we are missing some dependencies either numpy isn’t installed or we have an old version of pandas that needs an update.

The pandas capabilities are built on top of the numpy library so in one way or the other, the numpy is a dependency of the pandas library, and that’s the reason to use pandas you need to make sure to install numpy as well.

How to Fix the ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] in Python

There is a famous saying in the software engineering domain, “Change is constant”, which means in software, or any computer programs; the changes will be requested either by updating the modules or adding additional functionalities.

Similarly, the Python libraries and packages are continuously upgrading to include more functionalities and improve the current ones.

So there are a few commands you should run in the Command Line Interface (CLI) to install the libraries if they aren’t yet installed or update if they exist.

# install the numpy library
pip install numpy
conda install numpy
# install the pandas library
pip install pandas

The above commands are used to install numpy and pandas; after importing, you can use the import to import it into your current program.

If these libraries are installed on your machines and require an update, then you can use the below command to update the libraries.

# update numpy
pip install --upgrade numpy

# update pandas
pip install --upgrade pandas

If you are still facing the same errors, then it is suggested to uninstall the current versions of pandas and numpy and install them again using the pip command.

# uninstalling pandas
pip uninstall pandas

# uninstalling numpy
pip uninstall numpy

You can use the famous pip command to reinstall them again.

# re-installing pandas
pip install pandas

# re-installing numpy
pip install numpy

The above are a few solutions to fix the ImportError: Missing required dependencies ['numpy'] in Python.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

print("The version of pandas is:\t", pd.__version__)
print("The version of numpy is:\t", np.__version__)


The version of pandas is:	 1.3.5
The version of numpy is:	 1.22.0

The above commands have fixed the ImportError as the program runs smoothly without causing any errors.

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