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About Sushant Poudel


Sushant is a software engineering student and a tech enthusiast. He finds joy in writing blogs on programming and imparting his knowledge to the community.

Articles by Sushant Poudel

CSS Howtos

  1. How to Change Text Opacity in CSS
  2. How to Create Circle Button in CSS
  3. How to Change Cursor to a Hand Pointer in CSS
  4. How to Import Google Fonts in CSS
  5. How to Create a White RGBA in HTML
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  8. How to Simulate the Onclick Event in CSS
  9. How to Use Cell Padding in Table in CSS
  10. How to Center Text Vertically in CSS
  11. How to Remove Blue Underline From Link in CSS

HTML Howtos

  1. How to Add JQuery in HTML
  2. How to Allow Only Numeric Input in HTML
  3. How to Align Table to Top in HTML
  4. How to Escape Characters in HTML
  5. How to Create Link in HTML Button
  6. How to Link JavaScript File to HTML File
  7. How to Scale an Image in HTML
  8. How to Add Spaces Between Text in HTML
  9. How to Embed Image in a Button in HTML
  10. How to Insert Tab Icon in HTML
  11. How to Rotate Image in HTML
  12. How to Open Link in New Tab in HTML
  13. How to Select Default Value in HTML
  14. How to Set Transparency With Hex Code in HTML
  15. How to Start New Line in HTML