Python os.unlink() Method

Python os.unlink() Method

  1. Syntax of os.unlink() Method
  2. Example 1: Use the os.unlink() Method to Remove or Delete a File Path
  3. Example 2: Handling Errors in the os.unlink() Method
  4. Example 3: Use Conditional Statements With the os.unlink() Method

Python os.unlink() method is an efficient way of removing a file path or directory. This method is syntactically similar to the os.remove() method.

os.unlink(path, *, dir_fd = None)


path It is an address object of a file system path or a symlink. The object can either be an str or bytes.
* The asterisk shows that all following parameters are keyword-only.
dir_fd It is an optional parameter representing a file descriptor referring to a path. Its default value is set as None.


In the execution process, this method does not return any value.

import os "File.txt", os.O_RDWR|os.O_CREAT )

path = "/home/File.txt"


print("The file has been removed successfully.")


The file has been removed successfully.

An OSError might occur while using the os.unlink() method due to invalid or inaccessible processes and paths.

import os

path = '/home/User/File.txt'


	print("The file path has been removed successfully.")

except IsADirectoryError:

	print("The given path is a directory, and it can't be removed with this method.")

except FileNotFoundError :

	print("No such file or directory has been found.")

except PermissionError:

	print("Access denied")

except :
	print("The file can not be deleted.")


No such file or directory has been found.

Note that the os.unlink() method cannot remove a directory. If the parameter entered is a directory, then the IsADirectoryError error is thrown.

Alternatively, the os.rmdir() method can be used to remove a valid path or directory.

import os



        print("The file has been deleted successfully.")


    print("The file does not exist.")


The file does not exist.

Alternatively, you can use the os.remove method in the above code.

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