Python Matplotlib Inline Invalid Syntax'

Salman Mehmood Aug 09, 2022
Python Matplotlib Inline Invalid Syntax'

In this article, we’ll discuss why we get an error that is inline invalid syntax in Python and how to fix it.

Fix Matplotlib Inline Invalid Syntax Error in Python

One common mistake that beginners usually make is using the %matplotlib inline magic function in VS code editor or another editor and getting a syntax error because this command only works in Jupyter Notebook. We can not use the %matplotlib inline inside the other editor.

There is a way we can open a Jupyter Notebook inside the VS code. Open the extensions view by clicking on the extension’s icon and search for Python.

Install the Python extension from Microsoft; when the installation is complete, you may be prompted to select a Python interpreter, and you will be needed to select it.

Now we can create our first notebook, click on View in the menu, select Command Palette, type a notebook name with its extension, and select create a new blank notebook. We can also open the existing Jupyter Notebook in the VS code by right-clicking on the notebook and opening it with VS code.


%matplotlib inline


%matplotlib inline
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

When we open the Jupyter Notebook in VS code and run this command, it will execute successfully.

Run %matplotlib inline code in VS Code

Using a Jupyter Notebook to create a plot with Matplotlib, you do not need to use the show() method. One reason to use the inline function is to display the plot below the code.

Another alternative is instead of using the %matplotlib inline, we can use the show() method inside the py file.

Do not become frustrated if you are having trouble identifying a syntax error. Most people consider Python syntax mistakes to be the least specific form of error, and they are not always obvious.

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