How to Fix the SyntaxError: Invalid Syntax When Using Pip Install

Salman Mehmood Feb 02, 2024
How to Fix the SyntaxError: Invalid Syntax When Using Pip Install

We will learn, with this explanation, why we get an invalid syntax error when we try to install Python packages. We will also learn how to fix this error in Python.

Use the pip Command Without Getting an Invalid Syntax Error in Python

Many errors exist in Python, but one of the most common that beginners face is SyntaxError: invalid syntax when they try to install Python packages. Let’s get started with a real example to show you the error.

Pip Install - Syntax Error

When we tried to install the Python package inside the Python shell, we got the Syntax Error.

Sometimes, beginners do not understand what they did wrong. You may be a little confused about working with the Python shell if you are a beginner.

To better understand, if we type exit inside the Python shell, it will not work. We often use the exit command in the command prompt, but it is not working this time because the same command will not work in the Python shell.

Looking at the very top corner, you can see the Microsoft command prompt that ensures you are working in the command prompt. As a beginner, it sometimes becomes confusing; however, if you type exit, you will get an error Use exit() or Ctrl-Z plus Return to exit.

Exit Command - Error

We get this error because we are running a terminal command to exit from this Python shell, which will not terminate the Python shell. The exit command will terminate our command prompt window when we run inside the command prompt area.

The command prompt area lies where we run Python to start the Python shell, but inside it, the area is a shell. How do we know we are in the Python shell or the command prompt? Well, we can verify it easily.

When we run the Python shell using the python command, we are in the Python shell, and after running the Python shell, three greater than signs will show in the left corner. These three signs signal that the user is working in a different shell, the Python shell in this case.

In the Python shell, you will need to enter different commands that should be related to Python, where this pip command fails. You would think that this particular pip installation command is related to Python, so it must work inside a Python shell.

Another tip for beginners to recognize they are inside the command prompt is if you see a drive name and a path name of your folder where your cursor blinks, then you are working in your command prompt.

If we run the pip command from our command prompt shell, we will not get an error, and now we can see Requirement already satisfied, which means the Flask is already installed in our system.

Pip Install - Without Error

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