Resolve the NameError: Global Name __File__ Is Not Defined Error in Python

Resolve the NameError: Global Name __File__ Is Not Defined Error in Python

A dunder is a variable surrounded by double underscores. Python is a special variable meant for unique usage and stores special information.

The __file__ is a dunder in Python. It keeps the path to an imported Python module, and its value can be accessed as follows.

import math
import random
import numpy


The Python interpreter raises the following error if this variable is not defined.

NameError: global name __file__ is not defined

This article will learn how to resolve this error in Python.

Resolve NameError: global name __file__ is not defined Error in Python

This error arises when we try to access this variable inside the Python shell. All the code should be shifted to a Python file and executed using the following command from the terminal to fix this error.

python <file>.py <command line paramters>
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