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I'm Shihab Sikder, a professional Backend Developer with experience in problem-solving and content writing. Building secure, scalable, and reliable backend architecture is my motive. I'm working with two companies as a part-time backend engineer.

Articles by Shihab Sikder

PostgreSQL Howtos

  1. How to Add Days to Date in PostgreSQL
  2. How to Insert or Update if Exists in PostgreSQL
  3. How to Print Variable in PostgreSQL
  4. How to Use Where Clause in the Date Field Using PostgreSQL
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  10. How to Connect to PostgreSQL in SSL Mode
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  12. JSONB in PostgreSQL
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  16. How to PostgreSQL DATE_TRUNC() Function
  17. PostgreSQL Equivalent of SYSDATE
  18. PostgreSQL string_agg Function
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  23. How to Use Variables in PostgreSQL
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  26. How to Query Between Date Ranges in PostgreSQL
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  29. How to Use CASE in PostgreSQL
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  31. How to Change User Password in Postgres
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  33. Postgres Connection String

Python How-To's

  1. How to Fix AttributeError: 'Dict' Object Has No Attribute 'Append' in Python
  2. How to Fix AttributeError: 'NoneType' Object Has No Attribute 'Text' in Python
  3. How to Fix the AttributeError: 'numpy.ndarray' Object Has No Attribute 'Append' in Python

MongoDB Howtos

  1. How to Use MongoDB $Pull to Delete Documents Within an Array
  2. How to Search in the Specified Array in MongoDB
  3. Difference Between deleteMany() and Remove() in MongoDB
  4. The $ne Operator in MongoDB
  5. The $unset Operator in MongoDB
  6. Upsert in MongoDB

JavaScript Howtos

  1. How to Get the Day of a Month in JavaScript