Glen Alfaro

VBA Howtos

  1. Check if a File Exists Using VBA
  2. Use Excel VBA to Run SQL Query
  3. Use Try-Catch in VBA
  4. Print Output in the Immediate Window in VBA
  5. Get the Array Length in VBA
  6. Utilize Number Formats in Excel VBA
  7. Create and Utilize a Dictionary in VBA
  8. Declare and Initialize String Array in VBA
  9. Find a Value in a Column Using Excel VBA
  10. Sort the Elements of an Array and Arraylist in VBA
  11. Loops and Exit Loops in VBA
  12. Write Data to Text File Using Excel VBA
  13. Add Delay During Code Execution Using VBA
  14. Find the Last Row and Column in VBA
  15. The Use of Function in VBA
  16. Unlock VBA Password Using VBA Scripts
  17. Utilize Comments on VBA
  18. Check if a String Contains a Substring in VBA