Ankit Raj Goyal

jQuery Howtos

  1. jQuery this Keyword
  2. 4 Methods to Scroll to Element in jQuery
  3. Get Selected Option From Dropdown in jQuery
  4. Disable Button in jQuery
  5. Check if Checkbox Is Checked With jQuery
  6. Scroll to the Top of a Page in JavaScript

Git Howtos

  1. Undo Git Stash Pop Conflicts
  2. Copy Remote Branch to Local Branch in Git
  3. Restore Deleted Files Before Commit in Git
  4. Git Push to Another Branch With a Different Name
  5. Show Commit History for One Branch Using Git Log With Range
  6. Clone a Repo or a Branch With SSH Key in Git
  7. Delete All Local Branches in Git
  8. Git Show Changes in Commit
  9. Undo Pushed Commits in Git With Reset and Revert